• Craig O'Neill, Director

  • Craig O'Neil



    Since 1998, he has gained experience as a highly qualified electrician, as well as gaining experience in construction work. He has been self employed since 2002.

    Skills gained:


    • Project management and team leadership
    • Deep, complete and valuable experience in every aspect of electrical design and installation
    • 10 years experience in construction site work.
    • Project clients include The Royal Family (Arundel castle, Buckingham palace), American Express, numerous councils, NHS, London Underground, BOC, Adenstar Construction, Lloyds Bank and many more.
    • Customer satisfaction record of 100% (We have never had to return to any project for remedial work and we have never received a complaint).
    • Experience working on English Heritage sites and historic buildings.
    • Time and budget management.
    • Excellent customer relationship abilities and social skills.
    • Project financial management.
    • Maintenance of highest standards and reputation.
    • Positive, “can do” approach to any given task.
    • Extremely resourceful, determined and fearless approach to problem solving. Developed from working at a high level in many separate industries.




    • Global Electrical regulations and legislation
    • Renewable energy
    • Project management
    • Installation Design
    • Electronics
    • Lighting Design (domestic, theatre, architectural)
    • Future proof design


    Craig started his electrical career with an indentured apprenticeship with SEEBOARD (now split between E.D.F and UK power networks)

    He completed his time of 4 years winning apprentice of the year for obtaining exam results of 100% in all exams and receiving recommendations from colleagues and supervisors.

    During his time at SEEBOARD he worked on every type of electrical system in the UK including prestigious buildings such as Arundel Castle, Royal Pavilion and many stately homes.

    After SEEBOARD showed signs of disbanding, Craig left and began working for a local contractor where he no longer had the backing of a huge company such as SEEBOARD and found out the hard way that he had to find perfection with a much tighter budget!

    Then he worked for a national testing company in charge of setting up the new contracting department which he did…….and then left due to the massive amounts of travelling that was required. The company is now one of the largest testing contractors in the UK with a fleet of over 40 teams….. But Craig set it up!

    Then once back in Brighton he worked for himself and a few local electrical companies before deciding to return to school and get a Degree in Engineering.

    After leaving University slightly disappointed with the state of the economy in 2009 he decided that the only way to ensure employment for a great company was to build it himself and so Completely Electrical was born! Completely Electrical continues with the same principles that Craig has built up during his career.