• Domestic Services

  • Basic domestic service


    This is our basic everyday service to keep things moving in your day to day life. Our attitude here is safety, function and low cost in that order!

    • Repairs
    • Fault finding
    • Installation of extra points, move points etc.
    • Fuseboard changes
    • Testing, inspecting and certification
    • Regulation updates



    We have vast experience, technical qualifications and knowledge that we want to share.

    We can advise on anything from which light bulb you require electrical regulations and legislation or right up to helping new electricians with their own projects and installs.

    Completely Bespoke


    This is where the gloves come off and we display our insatiable drive towards ultimate perfection.

    Whether it is the ultimate in safety (the regulations are a minimum standard remember! Not a target) or the ultimate in gadgetry.

    We visit your home or business and assess the property, your needs, your design and style tastes and discuss with you everything we can offer you.


    • Ultimate media systems which offer the best sound and visual quality all round your property with full control
    • Home cinema systems
    • Sound proofing and sound deadening
    • Fully future proof electrical installs that ensure no need for major future work in your lifetime.
    • We also think ahead and try to predict future regulation changes in an attempt to prepare your install for any changes and updates.
    • Bespoke interior/exterior lighting to create stunning effects and to make superb design statements
    • All work in this section is designed to a much higher standard to present regulations for longer life and greater flexibility