• Safety

  • It is a common misconception that if an electrical installation works then it’s safe.

    This is not true!

    Installations are not safe just because they work!

    Unless it’s tested by an experienced and qualified electrician then its safety can’t be guaranteed.

    If left, then the only time you will know its unsafe is when it’s too late!

    Safe electrical work only became to be assured after the part P building regulations took effect. This was implemented in Jan 1st 2005.

    This in theory would prevent unskilled electricians from working. The reality was that many very skilled electricians simply couldn’t afford to join certification schemes and pay to get the specific and required qualifications that the certification schemes asked for. It did not stop people going on a 2 week course and passing the requirements to join these schemes. In our opinion this made things worse because, customers felt assured because these tradesmen had the recommended qualifications but lacked real knowledge and experience and consequently made many wrong decisions. Be aware when hiring an electrician, just because they have the accreditation does NOT mean they are experienced, it just means they have paid up with the right people and have had one or two jobs checked out of tens or hundreds. Normally the electrician also chooses the jobs to be checked!

    We would suggest hiring a trade through personal recommendation only at all times or try us because we will not leave until you’re completely satisfied.